Milk chocolate

Sweet chocolate that has a taste similar to that of dairy milk. kids will adore this.

It can be made in various shapes . We have child friendly designs like teddies , Bunnies, Balls, Ducks , Pencil , car etc .

Flavoured chocolates

Flavoured chocolates are liked by many people .The flavours that are usually preferred include orange , mint and vanilla. All flavours carry a good aroma along with the delicious taste of chocolate .

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates are Slightly bitter in taste liked by most adults. It is specifically for the calorie conscious people and dark chocolate lovers .

Biscuit coated chocolate

Marie biscuit or wafer coated with a thick layer of yummy chocolate every ones favourite.

Liquor chocolate

The centre will be filled with rum or wine strictly for adults.

Chocolate lolly pop

Chocolate head with a stick to hold .Loved by all children. The various shapes available include in the milk chocolate lolly pops are flower , butterfly , Teddy , etc